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How it works

Unlike other solutions our augmented reality technology does not require any printed markers to work. We combine powerful image processing algorithms with dead-reckoning techniques using the device's sensors to overlay 3D objects into live video streams. Products appear realistic and scaled accurately so customers can easily see if items fit in their room.

Full Customization

The 3D rendering engine can visualize multiple detailed 3D objects up to 60fps providing a smooth visual experience. It is fully customizable to support a range of items with a combination of different colours and material characteristics.

Improved Customer Journey

Augmented reality can increase both online and in-store sales by giving customers the confidence they need before buying. They can virtually try unlimited products, positioning, colours and designs, creating their own personal shopping experience.

Sharing with friends and family

Our technology creates powerful visual experiences that customers want to share with family and friends for that 'wow effect'.

Improved Showroom Experience

With limited store space customers cannot always find the product they want. Augmented reality is a novel approach for sales representatives to showcase products instantly in any design and colour combination onsite.

WebGL Room Planner

Let your customers be their own interior designers and plan their room with our innovative 3D Room Planner.

Designed from scratch using WebGL it offers a realistic visual experience compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers.

With hundreds of room objects, wall and floor colour combinations, customers can easily create unlimited room arrangements.